The commission was for a sunset on the ocean.  As luck would have it, I love sunsets and have experienced and photographed dozens of them.  Unlike most artists who accept commissions, I cannot paint something I have not seen.  This pastel is a combination of about 4 photos I took in Zihuatenajo, Mexico during a magnificent sunset.  (Remember the destination in Shawshank Redemption)?  Anyway, I love color, the brighter, the better.  After sketching in the basic shapes, I began with the brilliant sunset.  Everything results from the sunset.

This pastel is finished, signed, framed and delivered.  It is called "True Nature" for a number of important reasons.  Because I used UArt 400 paper for this work, I was plagued with technical problems.  Every time I work with this paper, I regret it.  But, it is a terrific base for the pastels.  Next time, though, I plan to work larger than this piece.  It is 24" x 30" framed.  A nice size, but to work larger, I will have to use plexiglass instead of glass to frame....and will have an entirely new set of issues.  I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me.